5 super cute pet friendly plants

5 super cute pet friendly plants

Mar 29 , 2020

Pet friendly plants. Many popular house plants are toxic to pets, but here’s a few of my fave non-toxic green babies. And if you're thinking of some options beyond this list, make sure you google the plant's toxicity before you bring it home!

1. Spider plants

Considered easy care, spider plants can handle lower light conditions, trail nicely off a shelf, plus they grow their own super cute baby plants! So not only will these cuties bring you joy, but can easily be propagated and shared with your neighbours, friends and loved ones.

2. Peperomias

Peperomias are great small plants, ranging from the easy-to-please obtusifolia, to the trailing scandens, to the uniquely beautiful watermelon. They also propagate really easily so you can have fun growing plant babies in water with them, and watch the magic of nature unfold in front of you.


3. Prayer plants

The prayer plant family has a range of beautiful plants within it, with options for beginners to experts alike. Ctenanthes are the easiest to care for of this lot thus often one of my top picks for new plant parents (and a great floor plant), whilst Calatheas continue to be one of the most lusted over plant for their pretty leaves. Just just make sure you give them a humid spot. 



4. Ferns

Many ferns are pet safe, such as the birds nest fern, which is suitable for beginners and can tolerate low light, to the diva-esque but gorgeous humidity lover, the maidenhair fern.

5. Pileas

The “it” plant of 2019, they’re now cheaper and more plentiful. They are great small plants, and benefit from medium to bright indirect light (think within a few metres of a sunny window).