A few practical tips on arranging plants so you can keep them alive whilst keeping them cute!

A few practical tips on arranging plants so you can keep them alive whilst keeping them cute!

Mar 30 , 2020

A change is as good as a holiday! I rearranged my living room set up a few weekends ago to put one of my sets of shelves behind the couch and I LOVE IT. It was starting to look a little disheveled back there and a simple rearrange (plus some much needed pruning and staking) has made it look so much more put together.


Here's a few tips on arranging plants for display that will help your plants look cute, but importantly too, ensure you keep them alive!

1. Remember (and be realistic about) your plants’ need for light

Whilst a plant may look fab in a certain spot, if it’s one that needs loads of light and you’ve placed it several metres from a window, be prepared for its growth and/or health to be affected. Using a light measurement app like “Plant Light” in iOS can be really useful to help give you a practical understanding of light



2. Pick a colour scheme

Committing to a colour scheme makes it easier for everything to match. I tend to go for mainly white pots and then use wood and brass/copper/gold as accents.


Check out this example from my friend @cyrilcybernated using all terracotta in his styling.


3. Using cover pots

Using decorative pots (even those with holes) as cover pots only ie placing a plastic nursery pot within them makes it much easier to shuffle plants. It can also reduce the weight of plants which can help if they’re in tricky to reach spots. Wicker or fabric cover pots are two great, low cost options!



4. Don't be scared to prune or stake your green baby

Don’t be scared or surprised if you need to intervene with a plant to make it look a certain way. Pruning is a normal part of plant care, and most plants will need a trim at least once every few months for yellow leaves, leggy stems or unruly growth. Stakes and trellises are super useful to prop up a plant if it needs help standing up straight (my Alocasias and gloriosums all need stakes). A plant is not unhealthy because it’s not standing perfectly straight and if it’s worrying you, next time you go for a walk near some plants, take a note of how they grow outside in the wild - sprawling, spreading, leaning, climbing. Whilst we want our plants to look decorative, they are alive, and they can and will move around in their space.