A quick guide to buying plants online

A quick guide to buying plants online

Apr 02 , 2020

New to shopping online for plants, and a bit nervous about it? This quick guide will give you a bit more confidence so you can get yourself a gorgeous new green friend to purify your home, add life to a room & boost your mood while you #stayhomeandplanton.


A few quick tips:

  • Read the deets. Plants that are shipped will often be packaged a bit differently than at a nursery, and can be sent as cuttings, bare rooted or in a pot. Make sure to read the description so you know what you’re getting

  • Research the plant’s needs before you check out. This is a fab benefit of online as it can prevent an impulse purchase for a plant you may not have the right conditions for. Try google for guides or plant Facebook groups for tips from collectors. And often plant shops will have sections such as low light or pet friendly to make browsing easier

  • Consider seasonality. Many plants live all year round however some species such as Alocasias & Caladiums go dormant in Winter

  • Pay that little bit extra for express shipping, and not just because you’re a keen bean & want to get your hands on your new friend sooner. The less time your plant spends in a dark, dry box, the better off it will be!

  • Check the store’s policies/FAQ. Most if not all stores take quality very seriously, and want to ensure each and every customer receives their purchase in good shape, and will work with you in the event that it’s affected by the post

  • Pay with Paypal if you’re buying on eBay or via a private seller, & only ever with the goods & services option
Happy shopping my friends!