Caladium Care Tips

Caladium Care Tips

Feb 18 , 2020

Picture of caladium with 6 leaves

This caladium from Annandale Garden Centre looks exactly like a bouquet! One of the most colourful plants around, this seasonal beauty only has active growth in Spring & Summer each year, dying off each Autumn/Winter to lie dormant as a tuber until the next season. Which means depending what hemisphere you’re in, you’re either lucky enough to be enjoying their foliage right now or due for their arrival soon. Quite poetic!

Fancy some care tips?
Light: Medium indirect light - this usually means within a few metres of a bright window or a metre from a not-so-bright one, where the sun’s rays don’t hit the plant. Bright indirect light will also benefit them. If in doubt, try a light meter app such as Plant Light Meter in the App Store to measure your home’s light
Water: During active growth, let the soil dry out a bit between watering, and check it’s dry with your finger in the soil or a moisture meter before watering. Once every week or fortnight will probably do the trick, depending on how much light the plant receives. During dormancy you can leave the leafless tubers without water in soil, and start watering them come Spring
Growth style: They can be slow to start growing at the start of Spring and then slowly start to add more leaves as they become established. Once their leaves all die off at the end of summer / in Autumn, cut them off and store the tuber in the soil in a warm spot. You can also let the tubers dry out of the soil then wrap them in peat moss to store them. It can help to label them however you store them so you don’t accidentally throw out a hidden tuber!
Soil: Soil should drain easily so adding perlite or pumice can really help (a ratio of up to one third perlite to potting soil). Using the right sized pot will assist drainage and prevent water retention - something up to say 8 times the size of the tuber will suffice

Caladium Care tips