Creating the perfect plant shelfie

Creating the perfect plant shelfie

Feb 14 , 2020

Setting up the perfect shelfie can be hard! Managing the right conditions for each plant, whilst creating the desired aesthetic & still being practical is tricky.

Here’s a few general tips from me:

💚 Repeat colours or textures to create a cohesive look. To make it super easy to add new plants or rearrange, choose just 1 or 2 colours for your pots. This is why I opt for white pots in my collection. For some inspo, check out @cyrilcybernated’s & @succulentsuz’s terracotta theme, @melissamlo’s monochrome set-up, @thrift_plantabode_’s wicker styling or @lush_vibes_’s white & gold design, just to name a few of my favourite plantstagrammers

💚 At watering time, take your plants off your shelves and let them sit to drain for half an hour before returning them to the shelves. This way you can get away with not using saucers. To speed up draining excess water, place a paper towel underneath a pot after watering. You can also protect your shelves with sealing varnish for extra protection

💚 If your shelves look a little nakey, add more greenery fast by making plant babies (aka propagating)! You can use any old glass vessel, such as gin bottles, small vases, test tubes, candle containers & more. These are great to add into small spaces to fill gaps and bring your shelves to life, with one or two leaves from a devils ivy cutting or a few strands from a chain of hearts

💚 Layering! Alternate trailing and upright plants to create blocks of green and free space (this will also help you manage your lighting if your shelves are against a window). Change up the heights of pots using books to prop up short plants. Create blank spaces.

💚 Add complementary features. Wooden and metal items can look great amongst the greenery. Or stack a few of your favourite plant books on top of one another