Dealing with heat waves and plants

Dealing with heat waves and plants

Jan 29 , 2020

Heat waves can make it extra tricky to keep your plant fam happy & green. A lot of homes aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with extreme temps, which can dry out soil quickly, leaving your plants thirsty and wilted. As a rough rule, most indoor plants are comfortable in the same temperatures us humans are happy in, with an ideal range of 18C to 24C, but able to withstand up to 32C.

A few quick tips for those super hot days:

🌟 Watch the weather forecasts so you have the chance to prep your plants ahead of a hot day. No doubt many of you have learned the hard way, coming home after a stinker of a day to a sad plant (or two, or three, or more). Planning ahead helps!

🌟 Water your plants more regularly, but make sure you check the soil to avoid the risk of over watering. Sticking your finger in the soil to feel its dryness is a good way to test if water is needed. Watering in the morning is the best time when it’s hot, giving the plant time to absorb water before the heat of the day hits. Water the soil, not the leaves, and deeply allowing it to reach all of the roots in the pot

🌟 Group your plants together to increase the relative humidity they’re in. Trays or bowls of water nearby can help moisten the air too

🌟 Shuffle your plants away from hot spots in your house. On super hot days, they’re better off being in low or even no light than they are in intense heat. Many plants, particularly the hardy ones such as ZZ plants & devils ivy, will survive in a dark room for a week before needing to be rotated back into a brighter spot

🌟 Forgive yourself if leaves or a whole plant suffer and/or die. Plant death can occur super fast with high temps, and you’re only human!

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