Do Monsteras NEED poles?

Do Monsteras NEED poles?

Feb 05 , 2020

The short answer? It's mainly an aesthetic choice, so no, they don't need poles.

One of the things I love about Monstera deliciosa plants is how uniquely each one grows. Some sprawl, some lean, some grow up straight. I notice a lot of people automatically putting a moss pole in with their monsteras thinking this is necessary for optimal growth, however in my experience it’s best to observe the way your specific plant is growing and then choose the support structure that will help prop the plant up and, if you like, guide it to grow to fit your chosen aesthetic.

Plonking a moss pole in the middle of a pot will not make the plant change how it’s growing. It merely provides a structure to either alter or support its current way of growing. For smaller plants, a wooden stake may be sufficient to guide a plant to grow up rather than out. For plants invading a lot of space (or with multiple plants in one pot), a trellis with its multiple attachment points may be more effective to rope in a sprawler.


This big boy is naturally growing (without needing support yet) with its thick & strong main stem nicely centred, and each leaf stem spreading out on either side. It has a few long aerial roots which I’m careful to tuck inside the pot as they can attach to the wall if I don’t pay attention. It’s been happily growing like this for a year now & literally going strong, so I’m going to leave it support-free until something changes.