Four gadgets to keep the plant fam happy (and won't break the bank)

Four gadgets to keep the plant fam happy (and won't break the bank)

Apr 25 , 2019

Keeping your plant babies lush & happy can be really tricky. For those who like data & science, here’s a few gadgets & tricks you can use to demystify plant care that won’t break the bank. 

Moisture Meters

In Aus, you can get these for $13 at Bunnings, or on eBay worldwide. These are metal rods you stick in the soil near the roots which read the moisture in the soil, removing the guesswork out of watering. I’ve saved many a plant from too much water with this handy device, which has an added benefit of aerating your soil when used! It’s one of the best investments I’ve made.

Light Meter apps

Light meter apps on your phone. I use Plant Light but there’s a bunch of options if you search “light meter” in the App Store. These will help you understand the light that each plant of yours receives so you can ensure it’s placed for optimal results. You’ll probably learn what you thought is bright is actually medium, and what you thought was medium is actually low light!


Hygrometers or humidity meters. I’ve found some on eBay for $10 and it’s helped me improve my understanding of the environment I give my plant fam. The vast majority of plants come from tropical regions, and some are needier for humidity than others, so a hygrometer can guide you in replicating those conditions as much as possible, or assessing which plants you should place within your home.

Grow lights

Grow lights. Plants will not thrive in no light or low light, so if you have a dark space you want to greenify, this is the trick! These are specially designed lights that provide a light spectrum that is similar to that of the sun. Find these online from $20+.

xxx Rachel

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