Getting the courage to make the snip...

Getting the courage to make the snip...

Nov 13 , 2019

Who is scared to give their plants a chop? I remember when I was new to plants and wanted to try my hand at propagation for the first time, I was terrified to snip. I would look at the plant I was wanting to cut and would wonder - will it grow again, will I hurt it, will I stunt its growth (spoiler: it will, it won’t & it won’t)? Then I mustered the courage to make the first snip (I started with devils ivy - arguably the best plant to lose your propagating cherry to as they grow so fast and propagate so easily). After two weeks, my cuttings had already grown roots, and I was already seeing new buds of growth at multiple points along the vine I had cut. And so from then on, I became snip happy! Now my home has cuttings in water everywhere (which is a fab way to add a touch of green to spots you can’t fit a pot) and my trailing vines are as luscious as ever.

So! If you’re scared of the ol’ snippy snippy, remember that plants break all the time out in the wild due to wind, animals and other elements. And yet they survive, thrive and multiply! In fact, cutting a vine releases growth hormone concentrated at the growing tip throughout the rest of vine, and can in fact encourage one or more new growth points, making your plant less leggy and bushier. So! What are you waiting for? Come join the #sniphappyclub, and get your chop & prop on!

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