Getting your jungle on in a small space

Getting your jungle on in a small space

Nov 19 , 2019

One of my top tips for jungle-fying your small space - put plants on benches behind your couch. It’s the perfect space for tall and/or big plants that can sometimes look awkward sitting up against a wall. It also keeps plants out of biting reach if you have pets. I’ve used two hall tables from Kmart plus an Ikea plant bench to create this living green wall. They’re all quite thin so I’m not encroaching too much into my living area, allowing me to maximise the room’s space.


I’ve clustered a bunch of plants together, which has created a micro climate of humidity, thanks to the wonders of transpiration. As one plant releases water through its leaves via evaporation, its neighbouring plants benefit from the humidity in the air. According to my handy hygrometer (humidity meter), I’ve achieved humidity levels around the 50% to 60% mark in this spot, which is considered to be good for most tropical plants (although higher can be better), and comfortable for humans too.

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