Guest Post by Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource - Three Ways To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Guest Post by Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource - Three Ways To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Jun 27 , 2020

Three Ways To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

I am delighted today to host a guest post by Claire Akin at Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource. They provide some wonderful resources on what can be sometimes a tricky plant to take care of so well worth checking out if you need some help with your FLF! On to to the post to learn how to clean a Fiddle Leaf Fig's leaves!

This post is by resident plant expert Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource

Just like furniture in your home, fiddle leaf fig plants can collect dirt and dust and need to be cleaned periodically. When plants collect dust, it prevents light and carbon dioxide from getting into the leaves, which eventually suffocates the plant and causes death.

Close of up a Fiddle Leaf Fig leaf with a shove full of soil over it

Here are three different ways to can clean your fiddle leaf fig plant leaves:

1.   Spray Your Plant With A Garden Hose

One of the easiest ways to clean your plant is to simply take it outside and give it a nice spray with your garden hose. Make sure you soak it well to fully remove the dust.

However, be sure not to leave the plant outside too long (1-2 hours max, until the roots are dry) and out of direct sunlight to keep it healthy.

If your plant is rather large and difficult (or impossible) to carry outside, try setting it on a rolling stand.


2.   Give Your Plant A Shower

If you live in a cold climate or cannot get your fiddle leaf fig outside, try putting your plant in the shower instead!

Spray the plant much like you would when putting it outside, but make sure your water isn’t too hot or too cold. You may need to rotate the plant inside the shower to soak each leaf and the roots.

Let the plant dry and drain for several hours before attempting to move it. Otherwise, it will be too heavy to move, and fiddle leaf fig plants need to drain properly to ensure its health.

If your home has a water softener (this is a system that filters water with salt to remove minerals but it adds trace amounts of salt), be careful not to fully soak your plant and its soil; the salt in the water softener can harm your plant.


3.   Wipe With Water And A Soft Cloth

The third and final way to clean your fiddle leaf fig plant leaves is to spray the leaves with water and wipe with a soft cloth. You can spray your leaves with a spritz bottle or something similar. If you have hard or soft water, you may want to use distilled water to prevent harm to your plant.

This method is very time-consuming and it is nearly impossible to clean the underside of each leaf, so it is my least favorite method for cleaning a plant’s leaves.

Keep an eye on your plant and periodically check for dust and debris to make sure your plant can breathe and grow properly. Keeping your plant’s leaves healthy, shiny, and dust-free is essential to its overall health and beauty!

Protect Your Plants Leaves

Now that your plant’s leaves are clean, it’s important to protect them against dust, insects, and fungus. To learn more about how to care for your fiddle leaf fig, watch our Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Webinar now!

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