Household items you have lying around you can use for your plant fam

Household items you have lying around you can use for your plant fam

Feb 25 , 2020

4 household items you can use for your plant fam

Collecting houseplants can be an expensive hobby, not just acquiring the plants but also getting all the accessories, gadgets, additives and other bits & bobs you need to maintain your green babies. Here’s a few household items you may have lying around that may be more useful than you think:

  • Bobby pins can help you make a plant bushier. Simply pin a vine from plants such as chain of hearts, string of pearls or even devil’s ivy and the like to the soil, and water it. By placing a node (where a leaf stem grows from the main stem) into soil, it encourages it to grow roots and eventually a new vine
  • Skewers and chopsticks make great plant stakes. If your plant is getting its lean on, providing it with a little support can be enough to encourage it to grow upward. This even works on small cuttings using a toothpick or two. All you need to do is stick a skewer into the soil next to the stem, and affix the stem using a bit of loose twine
  • Yoghurt containers, with a few holes poked in the base, make fabulous nursery pots, and may just be the solution for a small container pot that you can’t find a nursery pot that will fit it. Or you can glam one up and wrap some hessian material and a bow around it for an instant cute looking planter
  • Polystyrene – it may not be good for the environment, but if you have some lying around, it’s better to reuse than to add it to landfill. Blocks of this stuff can be great to place in the base of a container pot that is a little too tall for a plant, before placing your nursery pot on top. It’s particularly useful in large decorative planters, as it’s a lot lighter than alternatives such as pieces of wood or bricks

What household items do you like to use for your plant fam?