How to keep your cacti & succs happy

How to keep your cacti & succs happy

Mar 17 , 2019

Want to know my top tip for keeping succulents and cacti happy and thriving? Keep them outside. Whilst this tip may not be ground breaking or new news to some of you, I know it’s advice I wish I had had earlier in my plant journey.

Succs/cacti are often the gateway plant for new plant owners, and when they die (usually due to too much water rotting their roots / not enough light), it can be enough for people to give up, and label themselves as a black thumb or a plant killer, and then their plant journey is over before it started.

With any new plant I take home, one of the first things I do is look up where it lives, and I ask myself how can I replicate those conditions in my home? In the case of cacti, they don’t just grow but they thrive in extreme heat & sun, and with little water. So putting them inside is quite the opposite of where they want to live. This is not to say they won’t survive inside, but if you want it to grow & thrive, outside is the way to go.

I will note I live in Australia so climate is of course a factor for those who get frost/snow/loads of rain!

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