Let's talk about soil

Let's talk about soil

Feb 18 , 2020

Let’s talk about soil. It can be super confusing when you’re staring down the aisle at a nursery or hardware store, faced with rows of bags that all look pretty much the same.

So here’s a few things to look out for.

Go for potting mix rather than straight up soil

Potting mix is formulated to contain an optimal mixture of different components suited for the restricted conditions of potted plants. This is super important for indoor plants as they’re reliant on getting the right nutrients & set-up from just the pot itself (rather than outdoor plants which benefit from external elements such as worms for aeration, decomposed matter for nutrients, & more space to drain just to name a few differences). Good potting mix is light & fluffy making it easy for roots to grow through & to drain easily

Choose one that is labelled “premium”

In Aus, it will have red ticks on the bag (versus black ticks for regular quality) meaning it meets Australian standards for quality, and as an added benefit over regular mix, contains at least 6 weeks’ worth of slow release fertiliser as well as wetting agents which helps the mix retain moisture. Remember your plant will be living in this soil for at least a year before repotting so it’s worth paying extra to give it the best start

Choose the right type for your plant

Many indoor plants are suited to all-purpose mix, but there’s other specialty types such as succulent/cactus mix & orchid mix that may suit

Check the packaging to see what other beneficial additives it contains

For example seaweed for improved plant growth, trace elements for health, or components such as perlite, charcoal, or bark for extra drainage

There’s loads more I could write about this but I’ll keep it simple today, and share some tips in future about how you can improve your soil with additives. Leave me any questions in the comments, or shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer 💚.

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