Light: the trick to glossy plants

Light: the trick to glossy plants

Jan 31 , 2020

Putting together a good shelfie can be quite a bit trickier than it looks. First & foremost, you want to set it up in a way that ensures optimal/appropriate light for your plant fam. Generally speaking, your shelves should be no more than a few metres away from a window or you may risk clustering a bunch of pretty plants together for a not-so-pretty slow demise.

Simply put, the reason my plants look so glossy and green is because they’ve always been placed within one metre of a window, and in a spot that receives at least medium light for most daylight hours every day - light is the key to healthy plants.

I don’t just trust my eyes to gauge light though. I use a light meter app called Plant Light in any new space I’m considering for a plant, because my eyes (like most humans) are quite rubbish at judging light brightness, so I use tech to help me.

Then, I observe them over time to see how they do in a new space. For me, the tell-tale signs of a plant in need of more light (if you can rule out over or under watering first) is yellowing leaves (that eventually drop off), leaves losing their shine and depth of colour, stems that grow longer without leaves (sometimes referred to as “leggy” growth) & stunted growth. So, when I notice these signs, I will shuffle my plants as needed to give them what they need!