50+ Online Aussie Plant Stores

50+ Online Aussie Plant Stores

Apr 02 , 2020

We are all spending a whole lot more time indoors right now. House plants offer an ideal way to connect with the outside world, beautify your home, soothe your soul and purify the air. Not to mention, they make a great talking point in the background of your work video calls. And there has never been a better time than now to support small businesses as they battle through the massive financial implications of COVID-19.


50+ Aussie online plant stores in one easy list

So, to make it super easy for you to greenify your home (with the help of some wonderful Australian businesses), I’ve pulled together a Google sheets list of 57 online plant stores (and growing) that will deliver to your door. Some useful information in this list includes:

  • Store name and URL 
  • Store location
  • Whether they have local pick-up
  • If Afterpay is offered
  • The states that they ship to


You can also view separate tabs showing just the stores that ship to the “quarantine states” (WA, TAS & NT) and those that offer Afterpay. View the Google sheet here or scroll down to view the table below.


A quick note on quarantine states 

If you’re new to plants or just to buying them online, you might be wondering what I mean by “quarantine state”, and if that’s a new thing you need to be aware of in regards to COVID-19 (it’s not). 

Australia has a number of bio security laws that impact the importation of plants into and within Australia. They are complicated and really tricky to summarise - and I am not an expert nor claim to be on this! Often plant sites refer to states as being “quarantine“ or “non-quarantine states” - these are colloquial terms that have come into common usage. The "non-quarantine" states are NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT & SA. The "quarantine states" are WA, TAS & NT, and for plants to be imported into those states special permits and/or treatments are required which can carry an additional cost per order.

As a result, quite a few online stores only ship to “non-quarantine states”, so I wanted to show our “quarantine state” friends some extra love with their own tab as they tend to be a bit more restricted in their options for online plant shopping vs us non-q state folks! To understand more about these laws refer to the relevant state bio security laws.


Get in touch

If you’re a store owner with an online store that sells plants & offers delivery and would like to be included on this list, or are on this list and would like your details amended, please get in touch at hello@lushlittlejungle.com.


View the table below or access the Google sheet link here.



  • 02 Apr 2020 Haylie

    Pop Wilder In St Kilda, VIC also does ‘deliveries’….as in they bring a van full of plants to you for you to choose from! Such a great idea.

  • 02 Apr 2020 Kate

    Hello! This is a great list, thank you! Several WA shops have no come online – Little Leaf Co and Hass & Co are two of them. You might like to add them to your list to help us Perthies out! https://www.littleleafco.com.au and https://www.hasscobotanics.com.au

  • 02 Apr 2020 Chesea Herman

    This is super helpful – I’m in WA and always waste time looking at plants only to discover they don’t ship here! Thank you

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