Plant routines vs living conditions

Plant routines vs living conditions

Nov 08 , 2019

By far the sexiest & most glamorous plant I own is this Sensation Peace Lily. Whenever I share a photo of it, I’m asked questions like what do I feed it, how did I make it grow like that, & so on. In fact you will see this question being asked over & over again on social media plant pages on photos of glorious specimens & the answers will vary from regimented routines of fertilising, certain water used etc. to people saying they just place it there and it does it (I’m guilty of saying the latter).

On regimented routines, whilst I see the value as having set patterns can be useful so you remember when to do X or Y, what these suggestions do not take into consideration is that the person asking does not live in the same home as the one giving their tips, thus their light, humidity & other conditions are different. Which means upon trying said routine, it can be confusing when it doesn’t produce a magical result.

On the other hand, when you read advice saying the plant just grows that way, the reality is because the environment of that plant is what it needs. And beyond tips and tricks, it comes down to two major factors - light & humidity. So in the case of my PL (which I bought big), I have floor to ceiling windows which give me a lot of medium light throughout my space, enabling me to keep many plants in appropriate lighting. Because I have so many plants, & because of my suburb’s climate and my building’s makeup, my average humidity level is between 40% & 50% - fab for indoor plants.

Because my plant is getting the humidity & light it needs, this plant has flourished with little fertilisation and tap water only. Because humidity and light will always be the most important factors. Whilst additives & amendments are helpful, they will not make up for lacking quality of the first two factors. And this my friends is the reality of putting plants inside. Some of us will be lucky to have good light and humidity. Some of us will need to use humidifiers, grow lights, filtered water, etc. to give your plant an extra boost. An “imperfect” plant is still a beautiful plant & beats having no plant.