Ten of my Favourite Plant Books

Ten of my Favourite Plant Books

May 19 , 2020

Ten of my favourite plant books!


A question I get asked often is what are some good plant books? So here we are, well overdue, for your viewing pleasure! These are listed in no particular order, just to note!


All of the following books have been bought for and paid for me by me, and are all books that I enjoy recommending. I will note I have used affiliate links below. This means if you happen to buy books via the provided link, a portion of the sale goes to Lush Little Jungle. My website and Instagram are provided to the public completely for free, but of course there’s a number of costs that I incur in order to run my website and create my content.


Plant books for beginners

Leaf Supply Book

Leaf Supply: A guide to keeping happy house plants

This is the plant book for a beginner seeking a total guide on houseplant care

This is a best seller for good reason. Its coffee-table design makes you want to pick it up over and over again just to pore over the beautiful images, but the gold is actually in the words. This thorough book cleverly and simply explains all the essentials you need to know as a plant parent including soil, fertiliser, propagating, choosing a planter, and very importantly, what to do when there's trouble in paradise i.e. diagnosing and fixing plant problems. It also includes comprehensive care tips for 100 common houseplants.

The New Plant Parent: Develop Your Green Thumb and Care for Your House Plant Family

This is the plant book when you need a pragmatic and data-led approach to understanding houseplants

I have been a fan of @houseplantjournal since I first started getting into plants. His pragmatic and data-led approach appeals to me, and I also appreciate his refreshing outlook that plants will always have imperfections, and we should embrace them, rather than be upset by them. This book is excellent for the worrying plant owner to learn that plants are part of nature, with their own habits and life cycles, and hopefully help them to be more confident with their plant family.

The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle

This is the plant book for the one who yearns to make their home into a jungle

The sequel to their eponymous book, this inspiration packed book will delight your eyes and soul with its stunning styled photos. Again they provide some sensational foundation information on topics ranging from light & temperature, plus feature a range of classic and up-and-coming plants with styling and care tips. They then breakdown a home into its different rooms with suggestions on how to jungle-fy each space, followed by some interviews and photographs from some popular indoor gardeners to provide insights on how you can cultivate your own jungle paradise. 

How to Raise a Plant: (and Make it Love You Back)

This is the plant book when you want something practical, useful and compact

This is a great book for new and experienced plant owners alike. It concisely but thoroughly covers a range of must-know topics including tips for online plant shopping, how to propagate, and an explanation about repotting. It includes care tips on some fave plants such as Hoyas & Oxalis - but not just your standard generic care tips, tips that show they've lived with and nurtured these plants to the point where they understand their habits. Throw in a few DIY project ideas so you can make your own terrarium or build a peg board, and provide some basic styling tips and you have yourself a wonderful all-rounder, not to mention a gorgeous book that looks great on your shelf.

Books to inspire your interior styling

Plant Style Book

Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space

This plant book is perfect for interior stylists wanting to get their green on

This book claims to have the answer on how to create a plant-filled sanctuary at home, and they sure do deliver. They complement visually-rich photographs of plants trailing of shelves or sitting neat and compact on perfectly arranged coffee tables with practical tips on how to transform each room of your home into a jungle. With interior decor as their focus, they provide wonderful recommendations for how houseplants can fit in with your furniture and home layout, with an abundance of styling techniques.

Green: Plants for small spaces, indoors and out  

This plant book is for someone looking to be visually inspired, and then shown how to achieve it

This beautifully photographed book makes you want to dive into the gorgeous worlds of plants it showcases, head on! This is the second book by Plant Society's Jason Chongue. While his first book was a wonderful beginners guide, this one will appeal more to the intermediate plant owners, as well as designers, interior decorators and architects looking to build plants into their spaces. This provides a mix of plant philosophy & wisdom, visual demonstrations to explain light, identify pests or certain propagation techniques, plus easy to follow explanations of common plant maintenance techniques.

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants 

This is the plant book for someone seeking an abundance of simple styling ideas

Peep into five different plant-loving homes to get their owners' tips and inspiration. This book combines simple care tips, fun plant facts to give you the edge on plant trivia, styling tips & inspiration, as well as easy step by step DIY ideas such as making your own plant hanger or building a terrarium. And all whilst providing loads of beautiful images in this coffee-table book that you will read over and over.

The perfect gift - cute books to give to the plant lover in your life

Crazy Plant Lady

Crazy Plant Lady

This is the plant book for every crazy plant lady to know that they're not alone!

This super cute book speaks true to the heart of each and every plant lover out there! Filled with gorgeous drawings, witty truisms, wonderful puns, and the stats we want to hear, for example that "studies show that women surrounded by plants live longer" - um hell yeah! I think my personal favourite part was the flow chart called "Should I Get This Plant" and spoiler alert, every answer points to "GET THE PLANT".  And for extra bonus points, it comes with a page of super cute plant stickers, perfect for journaling or using to decorate your own plant pots!

Plant love truly is the joy that keeps growing.

House Jungle: Turn Your Home into a Plant-Filled Paradise!

This is the plant book for someone who likes to learn a quick tip each day

 A wonderful side table book, with some easy, practical little tidbits of common sense advice that any plant owner, old or new, can benefit from. With loads of vibrant illustrations, this pretty and fun guide is made for millennials who want to dip their toe into the responsibility of keeping something other than themselves alive, but wants it to look cute at the same time too! I enjoyed. It explains some essential areas of plant care in easy to follow language on subjects such as how to pick the right potting mix, understanding the light you'll get from the directions your windows face, and includes a guide to 24 common and very lovely houseplants. 

The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery

This plant book is for someone who wants a simple guide of common plants

This handy guide features a directory of 60 common and much-loved houseplants, from the uniquely stunning Rex Begonia, to the must-have statement piece Monstera deliciosa, to the arching beauty that is the Boston Fern. Using a key of symbols such as light, water, and propagation, the author provides simple to understand care advice, accompanied by beautiful photos of each.

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