DIY Spanish moss baubles

DIY Spanish moss baubles

Feb 03 , 2020

Spanish moss baubles! I saw a photo of these last year on IG and I realised that this easy craft creation would be the perfect way to reuse the dried up wispy threads of my neglected air plant (I’ve been a neglectful mister). These make a great plant themed Christmas decoration if you're keen to get your plant craft on, but also look cute all year round as a way to display your air plants!

All you need are:

  • Refillable clear baubles which I found on eBay, but are also stocked in craft stores such as Spotlight or Lincraft
  • Some Spanish moss plus
  • Some string/ribbon

Simply fill each bauble with the moss, close it and then tie it with string, and ta da, you have your very own planty bauble. Just to note, if you’re using live moss, you will need to take it out & mist it to keep it alive. 


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