Styling your home with pet-friendly plants

Styling your home with pet-friendly plants

May 09 , 2020

Pet friendly plants for every occasion. Here's a list of 16 of my fave pet-friendly indoor plants, ranging from small to hanging to statement plants – all of which are cute and fluff-friendly.

Small numbers (good for shelves, coffee tables, window sills, bedside tables)


  • Peperomias – these come in a huge range of leaf appearances so it’s tough to pick just one! Some faves include Watermelon Peperomia, Raindrop Pep (these look like Pileas) or Obtusifolia (they’re super hardy)
  • Marantas – these work well in a shady spot a few metres from a window
  • Birds Nest Fern – these grow in a variety of sizes, but if you keep them in a small pot, they stay small and compact for years
  • Fittonia – these are adorable with their white veins


Hanging options (to hang from hooks or trail off shelves)


  • Lipstick Plant – thick, dark, glossy green leaves & beautiful red flowers
  • Peperomia scandens – these come in green and variegated and can get quite large
  • Spider plants – my fave type is the curly spider plant, with its gorgeous ringlets
  • Goldfish plant – vines that trail for days, plus have gorgeous blooms that look like leaping fish


Statement makers (large plants that look good on their own, or clustered in groups)


  • Ctenanthe setosa – these come in a range of sizes, but you can find some one metre or more tall (or use a planter to give them height)
  • Parlour Palm – one of the most common indoor plants, and for good reason as they’re gorgeous
  • Staghorn Fern – these are literal living art when mounted on your wall
  • Boston Fern – a wonderful bright plant, perfect for a mantlepiece or sideboard


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