The lessons we learn from our plant fam

The lessons we learn from our plant fam

Nov 17 , 2019

The plants we fail with can teach us invaluable lessons for our next attempt. The first Monstera adansonii I ever bought was planted in an enormous pot, and this is how I learned that without proper drainage or careful watering, wet soil can create root rot, which can wipe out roots. And I learned to pot up plants in pots that fit their roots, to avoid wet soil.

So I chopped it, and propagated it, and then planted it back in soil, and it barely grew, seemingly taunting me. I decided it was the “little plant that could”, so I patiently waited for it to grow. And it didn’t.

And this is how I learned that your expectations will not always eventuate into a thriving plant, and sometimes plants will do what they want, even if that involves a slow, drawn out death. Because nature is chaotic & unpredictable. And it did die.

After a few months of declaring myself an adansonii killer and thinking it’s not the plant for me, I found this amazing 6m long vine for sale, and decided to try again. It was leggy as anything, so I held my breath and chopped into a bunch of pieces, propagated it, planted it and look at it now!


This taught me that established, large plants are better at being alive (so a great way to rebuild lost confidence) and reinforced that a good chop & prop can transform a plant into a bushy goddess. There’s lessons in everything - failures, mistakes, good luck, your most concerted efforts.