Truth Bomb - Your Plant Will Look Different in Your Home

Truth Bomb - Your Plant Will Look Different in Your Home

Apr 29 , 2020

Truth bomb - your plant will not look the same in your home as it did in the nursery where it grew. Similarly, a skimpy hot bikini or tight muscle tee is not going to look the same on you as it does on the model pictured in it. Sure, you can diet, calorie count, work out, and still not achieve that exact aesthetic due to genes, lack of motivation, whatever. Same goes for your plant babies. If you want them to look the same as they did when you brought them home, put them in a temperature controlled greenhouse. However if you want to have them in your home, accept that they will look different, just as you do when you compare how an outfit sits on your body vs the model in the catalogue shot. Sure, you can mimic their ideal environment by ensuring they receive ample indirect light by placing them near windows, and increase the humidity with a humidifier. But they will still grow differently because the conditions of your home still will not match that of a nursery. And that’s ok!

As much as I joke, I wouldn’t want to live in a nursery myself. And so instead you need to embrace the awesome way your plants adapt to your home. They’ll drop some leaves and grow new ones better suited to the humidity. They’ll lean (a lot!!) and splay their leaves towards light sources. They’ll get brown tips. They’ll grow around structures, up walls, around book shelves. They’ll send out aerial roots to reach for things to hold on to.

Personally, I think it’s so endearing watching a plant take to a spot over time, growing into their home and making it their own space. They may not be as green, or tall, or luscious as they were when they first came home with you, but don’t confuse imperfections with flaws. Plants bring the wildness of the outdoors in, and you don’t get to pick & choose the nice parts. You’re not god. You can’t control every element for optimal appearance. You’re a plant parent, doing your best to raise a plant and make it as happy as possible.

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