Using plastic pots inside container pots

Using plastic pots inside container pots

Nov 15 , 2019

What’s the one thing you wish you had done (or had known) when you first got into plants? For me, I wish I had potted all my plants into plastic pots, and then used my ceramic pots as container/cache pots (even the ones with drainage).


A few reasons why:

  • Moving plants in bulk to water them or pest treat them is easier when they’re in lighter vessels, especially if you’re wanting to do a soil soak to treat gnats
  • Repotting is way easier especially if a plant is root bound, as plastic can be bended to ease a plant out, vs the sturdiness of ceramic
  • Rearranging plants is a breeze when you can just pick them up out of one container pot and place in another

And a few tips on using plastic pots inside container pots, for good measure:

  • To avoid a plastic pot sticking out the top, you can cut it down to size using scissors or shears. Or you can spray paint the top or wrap burlap or other fabric around the top to hide the plastic & add a little pop of colour/texture/something-something
  • If it’s a tight fit, you can use fishing line tied to holes on the side of the plastic pot to make it easier to lift out
  • If terracotta is your chosen colour/pot theme, using them as container pots is a great method if you’re wanting to put moisture loving plants in this water-wicking medium