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Hi! I'm Rachel and welcome to Lush Little Jungle. I started this site in mid 2018, a few months after I developed a passion for plants, which still grows (literally) day by day.

I live in inner Sydney, Australia, with my plant loving partner-in-crime Ollie, and 120 plants (at last count). I love rare and common plants equally, with my collection ranging from some harder-to-find Philodendrons, a few trailing chain of hearts, and more Alocasias than I care to count. I have a HUGE love for chatting about all things plant related, and love to share my knowledge. 

I'm particularly keen on propagating plants, as it's a great way to grow your plant collection (whether it's to make your plants more lush, or share them with friends), and so I've curated a range of propagation tubes & rooting tubes, along with other indoor plant accessories, to help greenify your space in style.

When I'm not tending to my green babies, you'll find me posting regularly on Instagram (@Lushlittlejungle). Feel free to hit me up via DM, or shoot me an email at