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Hello there and welcome to Lush Little Jungle! Wondering what you’re doing here, or curious to learn a little more about the girl behind LLJ? Well read on…


My story

My name is Rachel and I live with 150 gorgeous leafy plants in my inner-city apartment; my own lush little jungle.  I started collecting house plants in 2018, and turned to Instagram as a way to connect with fellow plant fans. My interest fast turned into a passion, and I found myself on the steep yet wonderful learning curve to successfully keep plants inside my home. Before long I found myself firmly rooted in the plant community, and answering more questions than I was asked as I built & started sharing my knowledge. Now I spend every day chatting in my DMs to new & experienced gardeners alike about all things plant related – plant care, tips and advice, or just trading photos of our collection.


What you’ll find here

On this blog, I’ll cover everything from dealing with plant pests, specific care advice, my own personal observations, simple tips and tricks, styling ideas and everything in between.

Photo of double shelves filled with plants

 As featured in The Daily Mail


 There’s no such thing as a bad plant parent

Information online about plant care can be confusing, generic and even contradicting at times. It can be completely overwhelming! I chat to so many people who feel like they’ve failed as a plant parent, and it breaks my heart to see people’s hobbies turn into a dreaded chore. My mission is to give simple, realistic and approachable advice to help make house plant care easier and hopefully more fulfilling. And if it makes you feel a bit better, I’ve killed many house plants to get to where I am in my knowledge!


My Botanic Tribe

I have recently, as of mid 2020, launched an online plant store dedicated to helping new plant owners have a stress-free and fun experience with their first plant over at www.mybotanictribe.com.


Get in touch

When I'm not tending to my green babies, you'll find me posting regularly on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to hit me up via DM, or shoot me an email at hello@lushlittlejungle.com

Image of me holding a big Homolemena Maggie